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Individual Level

Group Level

Fake Activism: - Stop Oil - BLM

Direct Action

Successful Localized Examples

  • Spike Bombs to protect Forests[1]

Failed Regional Examples


Leaderless Resistance

Leaderless resistance social networks are potentially vulnerable to social network analysis and its derivative, link analysis. Link analysis of social networks is the fundamental reason for the ongoing legislative push in the U.S. and the European Union for mandatory retention of telecommunication traffic data and for limiting access to anonymous prepaid cellphones, as the stored data contains important network analysis clues. [2]

Community Level

Establish a Third Place

Home, work, and church are our three places to connect with our community
but work drains us and the nuclear family is a failed concept
and as a society we're too "smart" for religion and most of our churches suuuck
we need that third place tho..

Parallel Communities

The Amish don't give a fuck if the government or global financial system collapses.

Make more communes. They don't need to be off-grid. Tenant owned apartments with community maintained gardens are plenty good. It's important to still be near greater society and to maintain participation, but having a home and community that is not bound to larger society is important.

$Communal living is more fulfilling living. For adults and children.

$Communal living is more resilient to societal collapse.

$Practical guide to starting an LLC, gathering investors, purchasing land, building it up. (This could fr be it's own entire ass book. Parallel communities likely deserves its own article like Patch Notes)

Social Level

Successful examples:

Failed examples: